Unassembled Aluminum Fence

The major benefit of buying an unassembled aluminum fence is that they can be condensed down for easier, more affordable, shipping. You can ship almost 3 times as much fence on a pallet than normal. This lowers the shipping costs and allows for you to save even more money by buying unassmbled fence. All un assembled aluminum fence sections come packaged in a box for easy UPS or FedEx shipping. For larger order all knock down or unassembled sections will be shipped by common carrier.

Unassembled aluminum fence means that when you get your fence you will need to put it together. Each unassembled aluminum fence seciton comes boxed with 5 sections to a box. If you are looking for a more economical way to buy unasseembled aluminum fence then you have found the right place. Call (800) 878-7829 toll free and ask any of our friendly fencing professionals about our unassembled fence to get a shipping quote today.


Made in USA