Secure Aluminum Signature Powder Coating

Stop! Before you buy an aluminum fence, be sure it's a powder coated aluminum fence!

Why? What makes powder coated aluminum fence so different from your non powder-coated, black aluminum fence?

Powder coating is a dry powder which is applied as free-flowing liquid to the surface of the aluminum. The difference between a powder coat and conventional liquid paint is that powder coating doesn’t require a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in liquid suspension form. It's applied and cured under heat to form a skin on the aluminum that creates a hard finish that's much stronger than conventional paint. There is no visual difference between powder coated aluminum fence and conventionally painted aluminum fence, plus the powder coating won't drip or warp and is less likely to crack, peel, chip, and fade. With its signature powder coating, Secure Aluminum Fence is virtually maintenance-free!

Secure's superior powder-coated aluminum fences are manufactured and assembled in the USA and each section is fabricated from aluminum with black polyester powder coating and matching, rust-resistant screws. All sections are pre-assembled and completely assembled before powder coating.

Powder coated aluminum fence is also eco-friendly. Powder coatings emit zero volatile organic compounds, produce less hazardous waste than conventional liquid paint, and the powder coated overspray can be recycled, so it is possible to re-use nearly 100% of the coating. Who knew there was such a huge difference between standard black aluminum fence and powder coated aluminum fence? Now you do. Have questions? Contact us! We're here to help with our highly trained professionals at 1-800-878-7829, ready to answer any questions you may have about powder coating or aluminum fencing.

Are you sure you can be without Secure? We powder coat all of our fences, offer unrivaled customer service, and sell premium quality aluminum fence at a discount you can't pass up.


Made in USA