Pool Code Aluminum Fence

Pool Code Aluminum Fence

If you are installing a new pool or need an aluminum fence for your existing pool then you have found the right aluminum fence manufacture. Pool code aluminum fence is 4' (48") high from the top rail to the bottom rail. Pool coded aluminum fence comes in multiple different styles.

It comes in the two rail(as pictured below):
Pool Code Aluminum Fence

The second way is the three rail (as pictured below):

BOCA Pool Code

Both are pool code, but note how they both have to have at least 48" between the bottom rail and the next highest rail. This is so that kids can not climb over the aluminum fence. Secure Aluminum fence has all sorts of aluminum fence that is BOCA pool code approved and ready for you to install around your pool. If you do not see a style of fence that you like, please call a fencing representative at 1-800-878-7829. We do not show all of our pool code aluminum fence styles due to their being to many. Check out more information about aluminum fence post types.

Be sure to check your local listing about aluminum pool fence as a few cities have different codes.

The standard BOCA pool code is listed below:
1. Fence must be at least 48" tall
2. Minimum space between the lowermost top rail and the bottom rail must be at least 45"
3. Some fence styles, if chosen, may have to be taller than 48"
4. Spacing between pickets must be less than 4" (a 4" ball can not fit through)
5. Space between the bottom rail and the ground must be less than 4"
6. Gates must be self-closing
7. Gates must be self-latching
8. Gates need to open out (away from the pool)
9. Opening mechanism of the latch must be at least 54" above ground


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